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Equipping DD/ID professionals with the skills needed to comply with mandatory DDD training requirements

Equal Opportunity Support Services’ success is achieved by having well-trained and promotable employees with high levels of individual motivation, productivity, and effectiveness.

Equal Opportunity Support Services recognizes that there is a direct correlation between having well-trained employees and providing quality supports. We can actively assist DDD Service providers, Healthcare Employers, and Employees to meet their training needs through the acquisition of our trainers.

Why Hire Us?

  • Off-site training can provide a distraction-free environment for employees who may be pulled into work when the training is at their main place of employment.
  • A manager’s time is valuable, and they often find themselves stretched to the limit with day-to-day obligations. Equal Opportunity Support Services can deliver time-intensive training to free up more of their time.
  • We are mobile and would be happy to train at your location!

Equal Opportunity Support Services provides a number of training classes, with classes being offered on a regular schedule across New Jersey throughout the year.

Behavior Specialist


We offer a variety of training including:

  • American Red Cross CPR and First Aid
  • Behavior intervention Training facilitated by a Behavioral Specialist Behavior Specialist
  • Medical training facilitated by an RN such as:
  • Training in the general concepts of diabetes including testing of blood sugar with a glucometer
  • The monitoring and maintenance of foley and suprapubic catheters
  • The monitoring and maintenance of feeding tubes such as PEG and gastrostomy tubes
  • Implanted devices, such as vascular access devices (VAD), Vagal Nerve Stimulators (VNS), pacemakers, and Baclofen pumps
  • The management and performance of ostomy care and blood pressure monitoring
  • The administration of EpiPens, enemas, and rectal medications.
  • The maintenance, monitoring or administration of oxygen, pulse oximetry, nebulizers, CPAP and BiPAP
  • Workplace Safety
  • Defensive Driving
  • Medication Administration / Medication Refresher
  • Management Skills for Front Line Supervisors
  • Pre Service Preventing Abuse & Exploitation