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Support for graduating high school seniors.

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  • As a student moves from the school system into the adult service system, it is important to plan for their future by finding out their vision for life as an adult and assisting them in identifying services and supports that may be needed to reach that vision.
  • Equal Opportunity Support Services and DDD have made a commitment to support this planning on an ongoing basis by supplementing the efforts of the New Jersey Department of Education and local school districts in assisting students with the transition into adulthood.
  • The Division also disseminates information targeted to “aging out” youth each year and begins the process of support coordination selection as early as April of the year where a young person is aging out of the school system to ensure that there is no disruption in services. To view the time line click here:
  • Equal Opportunity Support Services can provide Support Coordination to help to allow a seamless transition into adult services by working with the person, family, and the school during the end of the school year and once the student graduates.
  • Our Support Coordinators will ensure that you or your family member receive the support and services needed to live the adult life he/she wants because Everyone Deserves an Equal Opportunity!
  • You can select Equal Opportunity Support Services to coordinate your support needs at any time, please send a completed Support Coordination Agency Selection form to

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